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Yellow Rose Delivered This Weekend

Recondo 101

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Here in the SE you can tell when spring has sprung. The pine trees celebrate the sun with a gift, yellow pine pollen. On a pine tree farm, at its height, it looks like yellow fog and covers everything for weeks. Ma Nature just dumps what she has, no real control valve, just bang you got it. Break out the Tylenol and Kleenex.

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It was 25 here Thursday morning, supposed to be 70 this coming Thursday. The first stop on the rain in months, will be two weeks of dry sunshine.

Another thing Ma is, is impatient. We are like a flea on a big dog’s rump, Ma has a timetable and we are just along for the ride.


Reminds me of a Stephen Crane work:


A man said to the universe:


”Sir, I exist”

“However,” replied the universe,

”The fact has not created in me

A sense of obligation.”

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Spring rains in Oregon are the only things that make fir tree pollen bearable. If there's weeks worth of sunshine during that time, it's a yellow fog and absolutely miserable. The rains at least keep it wet down and congealing on surfaces. Have to pressure wash the cars every year in late spring to get rid of it. 

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