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Anybody else having after market parts issues?


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Since January 2021, after market parts have been ordered for Glock Gen 4 & Gen 5 guns. The following issues have occurred with G43X, G26, G20, and G19 pistols.


G43X: Trigger received with Trigger bar. The bar was too big. Trigger wouldn't work on OEM bar either.


G20: Slide release was too large for the 10mm frame. Had an oversize spring and would not go into the slot in the frame.


G26: Slide release was ordered for Gen 4. Gen 5 was shipped but was in the Gen 4 package.. Extended mag release was too tight and would not depress. Other slide release would not insert into the channel.


G19: Went through two oversize slide releases, and one mag release that was wrong gen and didn't fit.


Two of the vendors swore that the parts they offered and which I bought had been manufactured by Glock. All of the parts claimed to fit Gen 4 & 5 weapons on the packageing, which was not true. Some were specifically Gen 5, and some didn't fit either Gen. Four different companies were involved with these orders, all of which have been great to deal with in the past. 


I've been tweaking Glocks since 1991. Have never seen this before. Since Glock is now making extended controls, which all of my parts were except the triggers, I wonder why the after market is suddenly selling items that are not made correctly, or are packaged incorrectly?


And please don't give me the Rubber Maid BS because it isn't true. I have thirty personal years of experience with Glocks and although they are not the flagships in my stash, they work and I trust them, new or used. 



February 2021



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