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Think this is any good?


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A friend of mine just gave me a bunch of reload supplies that his dad used. I can't find any dates. Do you think this stuff is still good? The Remington primers have wood slat separators in the boxes. How old is that?


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I have some like that, and a bit older, from Dad. The bottles of powder don’t have an acrid, decomposing smell and the primers and all were kept dry in an air-conditioned/heated indoor space... so I’ve been using it all. No problems. Just keep an eye and ear for misfires and squibs- but that’s no different than any other time, is it?



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Sure, just gotta evaluate them is all.  Got a bunch during the last shortage when I bought a rifle off a retired cop.  He just gave me his reloading stuff.  I ended up using most of it on plinking ammo but to be honest it tested out pretty well for the age and his stuff was in a basement. 


What I can advise you is with older stuff, what you are looking for is repeatability and like all reloading actually load data is just a starting point. Its in stuff like this, a chronograph is worth its weight in gold.  I just worked up a few rounds and tested consistency before I actually took the time and effort to work on an actual load.  That helped me select bullet type etc. 


Ammo is in such a shortage, folks around here are paying $40 for 50 .223 reloads and I've been offered as much as $100 for a 1,000 primers.  :ohmy:



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On 4/26/2021 at 11:53 PM, newbe said:

Wow!  I’m now curious too as to the age of the Remington primers.


Late 50's early 60's  . I've got a small collection of near everyone's primers and know when they were available and pretty much discontinued or boxes changed .


I even have viable Mercuric primers  between WWl - WWll  and YES they still go BANG . Then you have to wash the chamber and barrel with soap and water , so I DON'T use them often .  I've found that cool even temp without excess humidity ,extends GOOD powder and Primers nearly indefinite .

I DON'T advocate shooters keep hordes of powder or primers long term , everything is meant to be expendable  .  However I do have both that are well over 50 years old

and I'd not hesitate too load and shoot any of them . ( Might Not use them in a match shoot ) :segrin: They most certainly will and do exercise the Garand's and 14's opt rods Iron sight  is what it is :thumb:

A note of history : Remington bought the primer recipe from RWS in 1926 and Remington Klean-bore was born :thumb:

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