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boolits - value...


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Hey fellas, 


Cleaning out some stuff and happened upon my .45 LC reloading stuff.  Was wondering if you guys might be able to give me a rough idea of value.


2 boxes of this old Hornady stuff - first is HP, second is flat nose.




flat nose rounds







3 boxes speer 






2 boxes Midway






I forget this brand..   I'll have to pull it back out...





And some newer Hornady









Some of the boxes are sealed, some are open and incomplete.



Honestly have no idea on value, any ideas?



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4 hours ago, captainbarred said:

I havea  co-worker who is reloading and saying he wants them, which is why I am trying to price it out.  


If he backs out I'll let you know but shipping would be a bit pricey lol


Shipping would be around $15.00.



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Ah, for the bullets yeah, flat rate USPS boxes...  but I have 2() 1 gallon bags of brass - mostly spent but about 100 cases are new mfr and pre-primed.  End result is too much for a USPS flat rate box, and then the primed casings are in that grey area between whether they still need hazmat fees or are considered "loaded" and not supposed to be shipped USPS.....and UPS is more than USPS....


Its all headache inducing..... 


Right now I'm seeing prices are around $20 per hundred for decent quality brands from midway... not that anything is in stock...



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