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Wright LeatherWorks Banshee IWB holster


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Well I don’t want to start another fight, but the Wright Leatherworks IWB holster I spoke of a couple of months ago came over the weekend.  I really am impressed with the quality, workmanship, and the leather finish is superb.  Deep rich color, fully lined and nicely fit for the Kimber Micro 9.  The fit is so precise there was no need to block the holster with Saran Wrap or a plastic bag.  Snug fit but withdraws nicely without having to yank excessively on the Pistol.  
The same goes for the magazine holder, but in addition to a nice fit and finish, it also features a magnet sandwiched in the back of holder to help retain the magazine. The Fremont Ohio based products are pricey, but when you factor in you get what you pay for, I’m confident you will find the value in the products as I have.
Here are a few images with and without the pistol…

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I broke my own rule and wore it to the office today.  Has to be one of the most comfortable rigs I’ve ever worn.  Just jeans , a golf shirt, and a sweater;  no overt printing and I knew it was there all day, but neither the mag holder or the pistol ever caused any discomfort.  Next test; a sport coat, dress shirt,  and dress slacks…. It just plain looks good, too!

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