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smith and wesson M&P 10mm

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Weighs only a few more ounces than a G23 !


My thought was always to get a 4 to 6 inch .44 mag wheel gun for hunting, and use a chest rig. This gives you a true 4 or6 inches of barrel. With a semi auto with 4 inch bbl, you have ~ 3 inches of actual rifled barrel, since they include the chamber length when measuring semi auto barrels. 


For you big bore enthusiasts or reloading scientists, is this short barrel length not going to burn a lot of powder outside the barrel, losing much of the velocity gains of the 10mm, even with heavy bullets ? 


The 10mm never interested me much, until they developed all the sick hunting ammo, and not being able to use a centerfire rifle here. I also figured it would force me to start reloading again. 


Just not too familiar with short barreled wheel guns. I've shot a few over the years, and not something I want to do all afternoon, and they weighed more than that Smith.  I also think that the design of a proper wheel gun grip is conducive to reducing the felt recoil.  Bottom line is if you are willing to put in the trigger time to get proficient with a lightweight

10 mm carry gun, with 3 inches of barrel,  go for it. I'll be standing in line with some ammo asking you to please let me shoot it. 

Shoot what you like, like what you shoot. 



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