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Do you know of anyone who has died of C-19?


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Serious question. Do you know of anyone who has died of Covid? How about the flu? I know of 1 person that was supposed to have died of influenza- it was just before Covid-19 was a “thing” and she is the only person in any way close to me who I can think of who has died of the flu. Just this week a fellow faculty member had a brother die of C-19 and also the custodian at my school lost a brother this week. I have a friend that was hospitalized for about a month who seems to be fine and another friend who was hospitalized for about two months who “recovered” but he has lung damage and is still not well. Both of these men are a couple of years younger than me and both were otherwise healthy, as far as I know.


Strangely, I know others who are far more “endangered” who did not suffer. A couple at church, 96 and 98, who both recovered nicely after no more than flu-like symptoms for a few days and the lady, 98, is not healthy in other ways! Another older lady, mid 80’s I think, had it and wasn’t nearly as sick as the young woman who was living with her to care for her! Granted, her husband did die of C-19, but he was nearer 90 and quite sick anyway and might not even have actually died just because of the virus.


I believe that this weird variety of effect at the personal level makes it clear that this is not a ‘normal’ natural disease. I think it is clear that this thing is engineered and may have been created as a test case for germ warfare, or something like it. With the seasonal flu, it seems that nearly everyone who gets it has it for about the same length of time and suffers very similar symptoms and severity. People compare notes all the time and their experiences are usually nearly identical. Sometimes, the 24 and 48 hour varieties seem like you could set a clock to their onset and end. But C-19 is very different, and it makes me very suspicious of the origins of the disease.


In all, I think C-19 IS more dangerous and more deadly than the flu. I personally know more people who have died and have lasting effects than any other disease I can remember. I’m not sure how to compare it to other diseases like polio, measles, cholera, tuberculosis… But I do think that Americans have both made the mistake of politicizing this disease to make it far worse than it really is, and using it as a bully pulpit to exert their will on others (such as when the “president” promised that vaccinations would not be mandatory and is doing everything he can to make them mandatory…). …even though I DO think it is significantly worse than most of the seasonal strains of influenza. I also think that, in reaction to the draconian measures taken by those who wish to impose their will on others, much of the right side of the political spectrum has UNDER estimated the danger of a disease as a way of opposing a political regime that they disagree with in other ways.

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On 12/15/2021 at 12:59 PM, srjdsmith said:

With the seasonal flu, it seems that nearly everyone who gets it has it for about the same length of time and suffers very similar symptoms and severity.

This isn't even remotely close to true. Flu affects different people differently as well. Right after the wife and I were married I had a very bad case of the flu. I ended up in bed for a couple of days with the wife taking care of me then went to the doctor's office to get tested. The wife got tested 2 days after my test while I was still in bed and she was positive as well but never developed any symptoms. Which is much the same as we see with covid and in the case of covid there are many more people testing positive who never have symptoms but are tested as a matter of work or having a close contact who tests positive. 


The thing you have to remember about viruses is it isn't the virus that makes you sick, it is your bodies reaction to the virus which makes you sick. All of the symptoms of flu and covid are your body's immune system attacking the virus. Remember the whole thing early on in the pandemic about cytokine storms? Well, that is your body going so far in attacking the virus that it attacks your own body. Most of the people who end up in the hospital for weeks or months are actually clear of the virus long before the symptoms stop or they die, it is just their immune system has gone on the attack and is lashing out at everything including the body. All of the people I know who have died "from the virus" actually died of bacterial pneumonia infections that set in while they had the virus. Which is why the doctors who are treating the virus are doing it with ivermectin, zinc and azithromycin. Because if you get bacterial pneumonia while infected with the virus it is a bad deal. That is what killed the first person I know who died "from the virus". It may have been what killed the others who died from the virus as well but that one I know for certain.



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