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Ammo Sale of sorts


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On 1/14/2022 at 11:21 PM, newbe said:

Always good to get a heads up.  I’ve been using them for several years.  When things are in stock, they’ve usually got some pretty good pricing on components.


It would seem the ammunition supply is NOW plentiful ,as a Butt load of places are holding sales ( IF one can actually call them sales , which is questionable IMO ) :tap:


Don't misunderstand .223 or 5.56mm isn't going for $ 0.12 per round ,nor is it going for $2.00 a round . Norma is offering #1K rounds W/ammo box $499.00 ,so $ 0.50 per round for decent ammunition , I believe PSA also ran that deal  ,as a Shot Show special but could be wrong .  With current inflation and NO relief in sight thanks to the dumbass in DC ,it is what it is and will be for some time to come ; IS MY take on things . :tap: 

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