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Surface pro 4 tablets (five of them), one surface pro docking station

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I figure I would post these up here as well to see if anyone might want a tablet to put on the reloading bench for reloading data/youtube/etc use or whatever.


I have 5 identical Surface Pro 4 tablet computers available, all of them have the magnetic type cover (keyboard and trackpad).  All of them are the Core i5 model, with 8gb of RAM and 256gb SSD's. All of them have a fresh install of windows 10 and have been fully updated, and I could install windows 11 on them as well if someone was interested.  Battery charge cycles range from 13 on the lowest to 186 on the highest (these usually last somewhere around 1,000 cycles).    I also have a single docking station for one of these that will allow you to hook up to 2 monitors, ethernet connection, and have extra USB ports.  


Looking to get $200 shipped each for these, and $75 for the docking station if you want that extra.  If you want more than one, I dont mind doing a bulk discount.


pics - 







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