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HK P2000SK and yes, I did try looking before pisting this.

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I just picked up an HK P2000SK last week, and it is far from being my first HK.  But I dont know everything so I'm gonna ask if someone knows which HK magazines will fit in this model?  I know about the X-grips so that part is covered.  I'm just not sure what to get for my 3rd mag and as expensive as they are, I don't want to order one that doesn't fit.  


As for the pistol itself?  I love the size, the fit in my hand, and it is scary accurate, which I've experienced with other HKs since my P70 back ion the "olden days" as. my son calls them. The first time I fired it last week, I was able to zero in on a 75 yard steel silhouette and hit it more often then not.  My gunsmith shooting partner fired five shots at the same target, and gonged the thing four times.    I will still  carry my 1911 Sig or my G19, but I have a feeling this compact pistol is going to be at close reach more often than not.


Id appreciate your input.



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