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Hill People Gear Medium Belt Pack

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Great observations and stories. I started wearing mine because I ruptured a disk working out for SORT/SWAT at work. The necessity for a walletectomy was in order.  


I love the Hawaian shirt observation and you may well be right on sales. I grew up tucking my shirts in so never went over to the bright side. I have a Bianchi pistol pouch that I wear on occasion when outerwear makes it practical and got a new GALCO I need to qualify with. 


As has been noted demeanor has a great deal to do with physical encounters. Working for 30+ years with crazies and criminals sure made your presentation important. I always was treated well by most but there was the odd hands on moments that happened. Con Air was always a condition yellow environment and I got my share of that hauling everything from trespassers to killers. I was well known as a fair guy that only touched you if you were out of line and were being aggressive physically. I do believe the street appearance factor was summed up well in my training. If you act like a victim you will be. If you act like a victor you're half way there. Mind games do work.



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Hummmmm, what color for the snubby , thinking the follage green 


my entire wardrobe is sweats or gym shorts and a T shirt so this is a way to carry my wallet if nothing more 


The medium is to big for going to doctor appointments and physical therapy so will be getting the small



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Well after USPS lost my package somewhere between Grand Junction CO & here (a 6 hour drive) it finally shows up her in town 


no idea where it went once it left Grand Junction but it had a nice trop


hopehully it arrived Monday 

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