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40 year old die set

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I have a BNIB set of RCBS dies from the 80's. The label says: "4 DIE SET 40 CALIBER BREN TEN". I'd post a photo, but this forum doesn't seem to allow personal photos. I've seen plenty of sets that were 10 mm, or .40 S&W / 10mm, but never a factory label like this. Anyone else. Are they that rare, or am I just sheltered? The set is a collector, as it's in literally as-new, unused condition.

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The Bren is just a 10 MM Auto. Perhaps that's the best thing from the project. I got screwed out on my deposit by B&D for mine. I'm still pissed that the Colonel backed them.  I don't think the dies are that valuable per se but I have been wrong before.



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