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Leading Democrat Candidate in Pennsylvania Suffers a Stroke

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"While it appears that Fetterman will make a full recovery, politicians have a lot of incentive to gloss over any health issues they have. It will be some time before we have a better idea of whether he’s suffering any lingering effects. While it isn’t unusual for blood clot victims to not have future adverse effects if the clot was a one-off, it’s also not unusual for long-term complications to arise.

In a close race, this episode might put Fetterman’s nomination in jeopardy, but he’s got such a massive lead over his closest competitor, Connor Lamb, that he’s likely still going to coast to the general election. Whether the Republican nominee will make his health an issue is an open question. Given what we’ve seen with other politicians, including the President of the United States, I do believe such a topic is fair game.

Regardless, I’m wishing Fetterman a full recovery and a healthy race to November beginning this summer."



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