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Donks' Last, Best Hope for the Mid-Terms Crashes

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Those right-track/wrong-track numbers are something. Only 16 percent believe the country is currently on the right track, and that’s always bad news for any party that controls the White House and Congress. There’s nowhere for Donks to go, which is what led to Biden laughably trying to blame Republicans for not having a “plan” for inflation last week.

That dog won’t hunt, though. When you win an election, you take on all the responsibilities and consequences of that. Blaming the party with no power almost never works to turn public opinion. That’s especially true when things are so objectively awful on so many fronts, which is evidenced by Biden’s 39 percent approval rating.

But it’s the top issues for Americans that really sticks out to me. Notice what’s not there. Do you see abortion listed there, which has become the new rally point for protests on the left? Because I don’t see it. Instead, I see inflation and cost of living as the things Americans are most concerned about, and guess who gets all the blame for those things? That would be the party that holds the White House and the Congress. How do I know? Because the poll also found that Biden has a 23 percent approval rating on inflation and a 33 percent approval rating on the cost of living.

This isn’t complicated. It’s the economy, stupid. People are watching their retirements go up in flames in the stock market, while their savings accounts are devalued via inflation. There’s no good news on the horizon, and Donks believing that promoting abortion until birth will somehow save them is fool’s gold

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