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What Do I Have Here?

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I'm not sure what other forum to ask this in so sorry if it's misplaced...


I did some work for a guy a while back and he gave me an AR-15 upper with a fixed stock and buffer assembly. The kicker is that it's a Colt. I don't know much about what it might be worth but I feel like I came ahead on the deal. It looks like it might be quite a bit older but I'm but sure how to gauge specifics on age or what it much be worth. I have enough ARs and am honestly more looking to sell this and fund a set of NODs, but I'm not sure where to start. 


It's a 20" heavy barreled 1:7 5.56 upper with a Colt 4x20 carry handle optic. I bought a PSA lower and LPK just to finish it off and shoot it. It shoots very well. Loves my 77gr SMK loads. Even with a 4x scope, it's sub MOA. I'm not sure where he got this upper and I'm virtually clueless on details. Can anyone help me figure out an age or any details on this guy? The only non-original parts are the stripped lower and LPK.











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Interesting blend of parts, A1 upper with an A2 handguard and barrel. If I had to take a guess I would say it was an early preban Colt. We actually used to see quite a few of those "parts kits" come through the shop. Complete upper and no lower because it had been damaged in the attempt to remove the FCG block to allow for an auto sear to be put in. Those blocks were harder than hell and even with grinding wheels didn't remove easily was what I heard. At 1 point before the AWB went into effect manufacturers were slapping every part they could scrounge up together and sending it out the door because the market was supposed to end. Colt who was the largest AR maker at the time had jumped in front of the bus with the FCG block and it wasn't enough to satisfy the hoplophobes into abandoning the AWB. It is kind of amazing how the next 10 years when AR's were banned saw many manufacturers come into being and how the popularity of AR's skyrocketed because of it. Of course we got "featureless" AR's coming of age in that time frame and a lot of those featureless guns being made to have features because of the modularity of the guns. Once again lawmakers attempting to legislate that which they had no understanding of.


We are seeing it again with the whole "ghost gun" ban which will likely be a part of the new "gun control package" being rammed down our throats by politicians who aren't listening to their constituents again. ATF has been making up statistics about homemade firearms comprising a significant portion of guns showing up at crime scenes. On the one had we are told that actual guns are so easy to get you it would take more effort to get a library book but on the other it is so hard to get a gun you have to buy parts, pay much more than you would pay for just the real gun and then not only put them together but do some precision machining to make them actually work. No, ghost guns aren't criminals' weapon of choice when they need a gun, it is far easier to get a real illegal gun with the serial number filed off on the streets than make your own.

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6 hours ago, MontanaLon said:

No, ghost guns aren't criminals' weapon of choice when they need a gun, it is far easier to get a real illegal gun with the serial number filed off on the streets than make your own.

Thank you, how's it so hard to understand when they're the ones saying guns are SO easy to get... From the (minimal) amount of research I've done, written testimonials from various city, state, and local police officers, and the couple I know personally, and all have said the same thing, that they hardly see "ghost guns" used in crimes, and I tend to believe homicide investigators when they tell me that most of the firearms recovered at crimes scenes are either stolen or serial number defaced, which usually means it was obtained through a straw-purchase, which is in-of itself a crime. There's MILLIONS of illegal guns on the streets, that market is well saturated unfortunately, so they don't have to resort to paying more, waiting longer, and actually having to do something that HAS to be done right well beyond "putting da clip in", to get their hands on a gun. This ridiculous crap-show parade/circus they're making out of TRYING to pass this crap is disgusting, and (knock on wood) if they somehow manage so shove so crappy legislation down our throats, it won't affect the problem in the least, it'll piss me off, and make my life harder, and cost ME money... I'm not going to shoot anyone, unless of course they try and shoot(or try and cause me great bodily harm) me first, I'm not buying(or building) guns for people who can't obtain them themselves legally, I lock them all up securely in a safe even though there's nobody in the house to operate them other than the owners of said firearms, and I don't in ANY way condone ANY illegal activities, with or without firearms. The worst part is, a good part of the country is oblivious to the fact none of these measures they're TRYING to take are gonna do any good, more "feel better" BS like comifornia's growing list of gun laws that aren't helping anything but to make more victims...

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Yep, old school AR, preban or ban era.  The 94' ban actually impacted new rifles the most but not parts or rifles made before the ban.  The configuration carry handle with the tube scope was post Vietnam before flat tops became the norm.  I could tell you more if I could see the other side where the selector is.  Pre-ban, there wasn't the two little blocks that prevented the selector from going to what would be the Full Auto selection.  They were basically M16 lowers drilled and tapped for an AR.  Because trigger assemblies were technically not guns so not regulated in true government don't know their butt from a hole in the ground, there was this fear all sorts of people were out here modifying their ARs to FA.  I'm sure a few idiots did but there was no big rush to build a rifle that if caught with it got you ten years in the Federal pen and unlike the BS today, that's one the ATF always has enforced.  Anyway they thought the two little stops on the lowers would prevent that like Billybojimjack had never heard of a file or Dremel.  


I'd have to look at some guns to come back up to speed on bolts but pre-ban it was common to have M16 bolts.  They were very popular at gunshows etc.  In fact, about all parts for M16s except lowers and FA triggers were very common and popular at gun shows.  That was because, not that they were M16, but they were bought surplus thus inexpensive at the time. 


Note the rear sight adjustment is "old school" Vietnam style adjust with a bullet tip.  Quite common pre-ban and ban era but not today.  


Anyway those older rifles by many of us are held in high esteem.  I got into ARs all those many years ago because I wanted to have a rifle that looked like and fired like the M16 I had when I served, not FA, of course.   Of course, there were a few modern features I wanted like brass deflector.  Those early M16s, Vietnam Era, quite frankly are not as good a design as they are now.  Those of us that have been around this that long still have high regard for fixed carry handle, full stock models.  


Old school, goodness.  



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Thanks for the replies everyone! That last one looks close, but mine has a birdcage instead of a target crown. The lower (except for the stock and buffer assembly) are newer. 

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