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Handloading the 22LR


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On 8/28/2022 at 11:34 PM, newbe said:

So you have to buy the primed brass from them.  Was wondering how they were getting the priming compound in there.


That's exactly what I was thinking also initially ,How does one prime a spent .22 RF :ROFLLMAO: , I mean there's plenty of rim left to detonate ,it just has to have a primer solution . Never occurred  they would be selling primed .22 RF cases :ohmy:

I don't know about the rest of you reloaders but this  old fossil  has enough difficulty ,  making decent reloads with .22 center-fire bullets ;  which I thumble and fumble pathetically now as it is .  As a result of decades of occupational hazardous material handling ,I've ZERO % of fat in MY hands fingers Etc. . Consequently NO OIL  ,so if you want to know what that feels like ? just imagine your hands are wax paper . NO finger prints No grip dexterity   ,it's almost like having hard wax lube ,so when I grab a bullet ; It can squirt out near anywhere :tap:

98% of the time NOT into the case mouth .  So I have to wear Nitrile gloves ,just to grip something  , Oh and if I touch Teflon or oil wax it's GAME OVER . NEW GLOVES :surrender:

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On 8/25/2022 at 2:35 PM, Flesh Wound said:

That's kinda neat. What I want is reloading 22LR. 

There was a company back in 2013 at the peak of the non-availability of .22LR ammo that was offering a reloading setup for .22LR. I looked at it a bit and maybe even have the literature around here still somewhere. If I remember right they had a liquid primer solution that you put a drop into the case and it migrated into the rim where it dried and became explosive. They also had directions for how to make a primer solution from matches and also a little load book with different powders and bullets and required charge weights. Part of the kit was a mold for casting your own bullets from lead recovered from already fired ammo or just scrap lead. Also had resizing and crimping dies. It was kind of a primitive setup and not ready for prime time but it apparently worked to some degree or another.

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2 hours ago, Flesh Wound said:

Right. The really hard part is getting the primer into the rim.


I saw a video a long time ago from one of the big ammo makers on how 22LR was made. Very insightful video it was.


Seems to me the dies are the easy part.

Chuck it up in a drill and spin it.

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