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MAn is there a lot in this video about gun studies


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The first thing that needs to be done every single time is to take suicides out of the mix.


I am always amazed at how few "Conservative News Outlets" or our Congress Critters bother to bring this up. 

If someone is is determined to take their own lives, there is nothing that can be done about it. 


The ones remaining are still pointless in regards to gun control, because gun control only targets the law-abiding.

All States and the Feds have laws against using a firearm in the commission of a crime. These "gun control laws" are total BS, every single one of them, and are all about government control of the people.


This is how our Representatives should have been approaching the rules, regulations and laws for the past century or so.  It's ALL about government control. But our two Parties started their merger and lost sight of the Constitution many decades ago. Like I need to tell you this. 

But we do need to put it into terms of Civil Rights Violations, which gun control is, that more people can relate to. 

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