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That is classic government "not my problem" view of the job. The guy drilling the holes was told the specs on the sign base and someone came along later without a drill to install the signs. He was wholly unprepared for drilling any holes and instead of calling the boss he just said "screw it, not my problem".


We had an intersection here that was bad for making right turns so about a year ago they made it no right on red. The state came out and installed the signs facing the wrong way so that on the effective date of it being no right on red they could just flip the signs around and it would take 5 minutes to turn them all around and be good to go. 


Problem was the way they mounted the signs they would flip around on the long axis and they had installed the signs right side up so when they flipped them over the sign was upside down. So the signs got flipped and then were upside down for a few days because the guy that got sent to "flip the signs" didn't bother to check they were right side up. He just loosened the bolts, flipped the sign, tightened the bolts and called it a day. And getting someone out to fix the screw up required no fewer than 14 steps in the "chain of command" to get it to the correct moron to fix. 


It is completely freaking ridiculous the amount of effort put into not doing the job right but just doing it to the minimum required to stay employed.

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