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The CDC will vote Thursday to permanently shield Pfizer and Moderna from COVID vaccine injury liability

Zephyr One/Zero

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"In March 2020, the federal government invoked the PREP Act, which gave Pfizer and Moderna a tort liability shield due to the declared “public health emergency,” which the government is reportedly going to revoke in early 2023. The companies’ emergency use authorization shots have since been protected by the federal government through this 2005 congressional action.

A draft agenda published by the CDC shows what will be on the schedule for Wednesday and Thursday’s meetings."


"Over the course of COVID Mania, Pfizer and Moderna have raked in hundreds of billions of dollars in liability free dollars, enriching their executives and board members beyond their wildest dreams. Thanks to Big Pharma’s successful regulatory capture of Government Health, and corrupt bureaucrats’ willing compliance, it looks like the mRNA drug cartel will be completely off the hook when it comes to compensating the countless Americans who were harmed by their junk products."

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14 hours ago, Rampy said:

The CDC is going to mandate all school children be vaccinated and boosted or no school..

Probably be better off homeschooling anyways, LoL, kids still can learn but skip in indoctrination and gay sex parts. The cognitive dissonance and pure hypocrisy of these morons blows my mind to no end, sad that these are the same bums that want to sue firearm manufacturers for school or other mass shooting events... I could rant and rave about the lunacy of all this, but y'all already know where I stand with all this, and besides, I have a massive headache and it's getting hard to keep lookout at my phone. Good day everyone, take care!!!

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