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Biden Regime Is Planning to Lock Up Steve Bannon 'To Shut Him Up'

Zephyr One/Zero

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"Human Events Daily host Jack Posobiec recently explained the Biden regime's war on political opponents, going into detail on how the show trial of Steve Bannon will result in him potentially facing six months in prison.

Biden's Department of Justice recommended on Monday a prison term of 6 months for contempt of Congress, of which he was found guilty of two counts in July. Bannon's contempt charges stem from his refusal to comply with subpoenas from the January 6 committee in Congress, twice."


Bannon would also be hit with a fine of $200,000 if the DOJ's sentencing recommendations are headed by the judge, per Politico. Bannon plead not guilty to the charges, and sentencing will take place on Oct. 21.

"They're coming for Steve Bannon. He was found guilty of two counts in July for contempt of Congress, a DC jury found him guilty for refusing his subpoena from the unconstitutional January 6 committee. I was in the courtroom for a large amount of that trial, and it was really a joke," Posobiec said.

"You had juror after juror saying they knew exactly who Steve Bannon was, they certainly knew who Trump was, and they had no positive view of them whatsoever. And so, the question becomes for all of us, what is justice served here? By having a sham committee issuing these subpoenas, and then having a sham trial with a jury where the verdict is already known. You're already aware of what the jury is going to be. It's a show trial, and guess what, he got found guilty. Because you always get found guilty at the end of a show trial. That's the point of a show trial, to try to make it look like the regime isn't doing it," Posobiec continued.

The committee had wanted communications between Bannon and Trump, after the two were allegedly in touch during the events on the Capitol.

"We have confirmation that this is being done to shut up and silence Steven K. Bannon, and here were are looking at October 21, which would be just a few weeks before the midterm elections. That's why they want to shut him up, and that's why they want to do it now," said Posobiec.

"Biden's Department of Justice has just put forward a six-month recommended sentence for Steve Bannon. The host of the War Room, the chairman of the 2016 Trump campaign, the chief strategist for the Trump White House. One of the top advisors to the 45th president of the United States. They want to put him in jail for six months for refusing to cooperate– in what they claim is refusal to cooperate."


 Bannon told them to get-fugged!  Nothing more, than a communist show-trial, and struggle-session.


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