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A band that no one likes,but you think is amazing.


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Here's a couple of simply outstanding 18 year old genius from the past.  Steve Forbert in the early 80s kind of a folky sound with harmonica. His first album just makes you happy, feel good music.  The other is Johnny Lang.  A kid when he recorded was trained by the old school Chicago blues greats.  Unbelievable voice and rythum and blues.  He was featured in the movie "Blues Brothers 2000"  He was the kid with the broom.  His song "Lied to me" is killer and is a fantastic album.  


I'm a big fan of old school country, western, and blue grass.  Out of this genre I really like Flat and Skrugs "Foggy Mountain Breakdown" .  You all will remember them from the lead song from the 60's, "Beverly Hillbillies".  Man I can name dozens of those old guys and gals.  Kitty Wells to Johnny Cash.  Willy and Waland to "Oh lord my wife left me pass the beer" songs.  Sorry don't care for pop country.  


Classical hands down fav is London Philharmonic doing the "1812 Overture" with real 105 howitzers.  Ultimate piss off your neighbor loud song that makes you feel like blowing something up.  


Rock is just too much for me to get into.  After pulling locker room security for The Who and meeting the band, very professional,  they've been a favorite of mine.  They're one of those rare bands that sounds a 100 times better live than on their albums.  I'm also a long time fan of Joe Walsh, James Gang era and of course, the Eagles.  


Tj Storytime "This is TN" 


The King is still remembered in TN.  One day I'm riding my bike listening to tunes and Elvis comes on just as I pull into a biker friend's of mines outdoor patch store so I sit on my hog and listen to the song playing till it ended.  When finished I switched my bike off and my buddy Bert looks up from his sewing and says, "Hey Mr. Bill" which is what the biker world knows me as, "What you doing over there?"  "The king was on."  Bert nodded but this one guy with his woman says to me, "You need to turn your man card in."  I just laughed.  "This is TN.  Besides I've never felt inferior or insecure over a rock star.'  


I keep walking as usual and smiling away but the wannabe was turning red as a beet.  There's about five of the guys I ride with setting there so I walk over and start talking to the guys when I hear Berts sewing machine stop and out of the corner of my eye I see Bert lean over to the now "Have to prove his manhood idiot"  say in a low voice "I wouldn't do that if I was you."  The wannabe left.  


You see guys a real man knows he's a man and doesn't have to prove it to anyone, least of all himself.  That not only applies to music but all aspects of life a lesson I learned the hard way when I was a kid the hard way.  Had that guy come on at me, I wasn't going to Marcus and Queensbury with him.  Though there was a time I enjoyed such things, I'm too damn old and don't like waking up sore in the middle of the night.  I would have just taken him out and no I don't mean shoot him.  I just don't care what some idiot that I will never see again thinks or does.  I'm not his daddy and if his daddy didn't teach him to behave, he never will.  Over a damn song, now that's an idiot.  



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I used to take kids over to sit their SAT a ACT exams at P'cola Jr college, about an hour drive, by the Yukon XL full. Yukon Denali had a Bose premium sound system. On the way back, I would slip in Hair of the Dog, let them rock out a bit, then ask who that was, every single time Guns and Roses, nope, G & R is their tribute band.


I would hand them the 1968 Album cover. The little band from Scotland, Nazareth,  should be in the R&R Hall of Fame not G & R. because G & R copied them, style, music, songs, vocal pitch, everything, etc.


By the way, the unidentifiable sound in their music is an electronic bagpipe.

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