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1100 Mag Repair... Anti Walk Pins


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Nice 1100 Mag came in, not all beat up or rusted just a fail to function complaint. Looked it over, front trigger group pin was missing, fell out while dove shooting. The dreaded walking pin. Alignment hole for the front pin in the shell stop was totally out of alignment. Shell stop was loose and had moved to the rear of the slot. That will do it.


Took it all apart, because the shell stop, a bit worn, would not snap into the slot and stay for assembly. Put in two anti walk pins, a dab of blue thread docker on the male threads. Took it out for function test, would not fire, pulled the rings out, reversed the piston, operator error, now the 1100 works just fine and looks good too.


Do yourself a favor if you have an 1100 or an 870 and buy the $9.95 anti walk pin set before the trigger group pins fall out and the internals get out of alignment. Then you need to pull it completely apart to put it back together. A little preventive matinence.

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I have one of the side mounted scope mounts that uses the trigger group pins to hold it in place with bolts from the ejection port side. Put it on 30 years ago and never took it off. It is just a flat aluminum plate so when the scope mount itself is removed it is not in the way at all. I don't even remember where the scope and base are at anymore.

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