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I love October

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Just got back yesterday from a nine day 2,000+ mile motorcycle (Spyder) ride through Presideo, Terlingua, Big Bend National Park, Del Rio, Luckenbach and the Texas Hill Country..this how I reject the crazy and enjoy the freedom the globalists want to take away..


EDIT: if ever around Leakey, Texas on your motorcycle, ride FM 335, 336 & 337, commonly called The Three Twisted Sisters..don’t forget your “I Did The Three Twisted Sisters” Tshirt..:segrin:

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sounds like a great trip 

What’s big bend like now with all the illegals and crap?


We are thinking about a spring break trip to big bend, want to stay away from the cities as much as possible 



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No problem with BB..as I have said before, as many times as I have been to area I’ve yet to see anyone crossing or looking like they crossed..I had planned to take the rowboat to Bonita del Carmen (listen to Robert Earl Keen’s “Gringo Honeymoon”), but came to my senses and admitted I just can’t do that much walking anymore, so I left my passport at home..did ride two gravel roads I’m sure BRP wouldn’t approve of, but Spyder did fine..


You should go..stay at Paisano Inn and eat at the Starlight Theatre (live music every night is you get there later..we got there when they opened at 5:00, so no music), both in Terlingua..if you want to start in Presideo, stay at the 3 Palm Inn..cheaper, very clean and a restaurant..the Hispanic owners are outstanding..

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Way back in the early 90’s in the summer we went to big bend  and had issues with illegals & just never ended up back it was so stinking hot and remote 


Been wanting to go back & think spring break will be a good time. My distance walking days are over so it’s a vehicle tour as long as gas prices don’t skyrocket 


Not planning on crossing the border, but will have our passport cards with us as that’s what we use for ID when traveling as no address is on them. 

Will defy check out your recommendations, nothing better than first hand knowledge 

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On 10/31/2022 at 5:05 AM, Snake46 said:

Hit the hill country coming in or going out..one winery after another, and a Shiner Bock at Luckenbach is mandatory (always live music anytime)..

Wife hates wine and beer, but I’m a fan of both, looking at maps trying to figure out a route staying away from interstates, want to stop in at Staccato for a tour but Austin (actually Georgetown)  :sick: :sick:



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