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Meteor off Australian Coast Is Alien Spacecraft


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So what does Harvard dude know about this supposed meteor?..... "The material is tougher than iron" 

Quote: Meteor that crashed off Australian coast may have been an alien spacecraft. Australian media picks up the Avi Loeb story. Avi Loeb is planning a $2.2 million expedition to retrieve the meteor from the ocean floor to find out.



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I'll have what he has been smoking.


C'mon. Tougher than iron? And what sensors were able to determine that? 


And "100 miles from anywhere" isn't exactly the sort of precision needed to find an object in the ocean. They still haven't found that Malaysian airliner that disappeared in the ocean in spite of searching a couple million square miles and having a pretty good idea where it has to be. And now they are going to find a rock on the bottom of the ocean among eleventy billion other rocks years later in 6,000 feet of water? Good freaking luck.

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