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2 corrections officers stabbed in prison in my town


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There were 2 corrections officers stabbed at the prison in my town today. Not a lot of details at this point, 1 of the officers was treated and released the other is in bad shape. NO word on the inmate, he wasn't taken to the hospital so you can be sure he was treated with the ultimate kidd gloves and extensive de-escalation efforts to preserve his safety.


I've made it clear before how I feel about Capitol Punishment, it should be used extensively as a replacement for the current warehousing of those who have proven by their own actions to be incompatible with civilization. "I'd make murder, attempted murder, arson, rape, robbery, burglary and a handful of other crimes automatic death sentences.


Some of you would disagree with me and that is fine. We can agree to disagree.


But, in the case of attempted murder of a correction officer there should be no disagreement. The inmate was placed in prison because they couldn't not commit crimes, so what do we do when they prove they can't even exist in a tightly controlled environment where they have been placed for the safety of others? Personally, I think the best result is that they not survive the event. I'm not even going to complain about how it happens. Cave their skull in with a baton, 1/2 a dozen guards with shotguns, flamethrower at the cell door, carbon monoxide pumped into the cell until they cease to live. I really don't care. Hell, have a Judge and a Jury brought into the prison, let them view the evidence and decide guilt and pass judgement before the convict is executed. The left will scream bloody murder about "due process" but the truth is they don't give a shat about the concept. How do I know? Where were the cries of "due process" from the left when they were calling for all medical care to be withheld from those who didn't get the jab? They don't give a shat about due process, it is words they spout inanely because it is in the Constitution which is funny because they don't give a shat about the Constitution as it applies to anyone who lives a good life and does what the left tells them to do. But goddammit, if you are a freaking criminal, you deserve your due process as guaranteed by the Constitution.


Our fat piece of shat governor released about 40% of the prison population in 2022 to "protect the inmates from covid". freak that shat. It was a freaking virus, you either got it or you didn't, if it killed you it was going to kill you whether you were in prison or walking around society. There were 121 deaths from covid among the inmates in Illinois prisons (that is only if you actually believe the deaths were properly classified. It is like the rest of the bullshat from the state, you can't believe it) But like with covid in the rest of the world, it was the old inmates croaking. 77% of the inmates that died were over the age of 55. They don't break it down any further but I know both of the inmates that died in the local prison were in their late 70's and sick to begin with. What they don't bother to say is to look at the released prisoners to see how many of them died from covid to prove if those outside the walls fared any better. They have the data, it sure would be nice to know if they had any better survival. 


But what we do know is the number of inmates released lead to far more than 121 non prisoners dying in increased violent crime among the population at large. And now more than 2 years later, courts are still backed up, criminals who should have gone to prison already are still on release waiting for a trial date and they are looking to close some prisons. Before this all started, they were beotching about prison overcrowding. And covid came along and they released 40% of the inmates and now are saying it is time to close some prisons. 


They want to not overcrowd prisons? Put me in charge of the justice system, I will uncrowd those motherfreakers in a freaking hurry, starting with the pieces of shat that try to kill guards. Until we accept the fact that we don't need criminals in society we won't change that we have a serious crime problem. It isn't about race, I don't care what color your skin, do the crime, pay the price and if that means you visit the gallows on the way out of the courthouse in order to not "overcrowd" the prisons, then that is the solution.



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That sucks and people wonder why jails and prisons are struggling to find quality employees 


Just wait till Jan & your governor empties the prisons allowing all the rehabilitated folk out from behind bars 

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I'm praying for your guards, Lon. 

As you know we have a good number of prisons down here as a form of economic bone, and I 

know and have known many Correctional Officers over the years. We get the reports. 

It is an extremely dangerous, difficult, and thankless job. 

Let's all keep a good thought for those injured men. 


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