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Was looking online at a couple of different vendors for a particular item that is not available within a reasonable distance from home. Out of 3 vendors, 2 thought my location was somewhere in California, and the 3rd was about 400 miles North in my home State.  This should mean that the vendors I am browsing should not have any access to personal information they could collect and sell to toer marketers. I receive no targeted pop=ups from my previous web shopping or actual purchases. 


Especially after watching videos from a hacker site on how your long term GPS movement history and real time location can be tracked by infiltrating any device you have that is WIFI capable whether switched on or not, for those of who do not yet use the protection of a VPN or other anonymous strategies, DDG, Imho is well worth using. I have been using it for a number of years now, and DDG is not buggy, nor does it seem to degrade performance in any way.    A great cost free aid to help with online privacy concerns.


* I am in no way connected with DDG, and I have not been asked to promote DDG, nor do I receive any compensation. 

Have been planning for a while to switch phone and internet and TV service in the not too distant future, and figured I would be looking for additional security at that point. 


If any of our tech savvy members would like to point me in the direction of what to research in the realm of privacy software like a VPN and/or hardware that are simple and reasonably priced but effective protection for both home and mobile devices  that would be great. But for seamlessly free, DDG seems like a pretty good deal. 

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