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Washington Gov. Jay Inslee's 'Equity Summit' Condemns 'Individualism' as White Supremacy

Zephyr One/Zero

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As reported by Fox News, Jay held the 2022 Governor’s Equity Summit late last month in Tacoma. As part of the conference, the executive director of the state’s Professional Educator Standards Board presented via PowerPoint “Internal Transformation: How an Education Agency is Transforming Itself in the Name of Justice.”


One slide asked a hard question:


What does it look like when we move away from white supremacy culture toward indigenous relational pedagogy? What can you do tomorrow?

It went on to list “aspects of white supremacy culture.”


The rundown of crappily Caucasian characteristics:



Sense of Urgency


Quantity Over Quality

Worship of the Written Word


Either/Or Thinking

Power Hoarding

Fear of Open Conflict

Progress is Bigger, More

Right to Comfort

Perhaps the two most malignant:



Between objectivity and individualism — one might say, objectivity and subjectivity — it doesn’t seem much room is left.

Still, the lesson found superior virtues among American Indians.


“Aspects of indigenous relational pedagogy”:

Ethical Usefulness

Collective (Prioritized Over the Individual)



Slowness and Deliberateness

Consistency and Dependability

Honor, Integrity, and Honesty




Humility and Gentleness

Responsibility and Reciprocity



The accounting of KKK-ish concepts doesn’t stray very far from that of the Smithsonian’s National Museum of African American History & Culture. In 2020, it pegged peculiarities among People of the Pale:


"There’s arguably some “indigenous” overlap.

Either way, these days, whiteness seems anything but supreme:

College Op-Ed Asks if White People Should Be Kicked out of Parties

Tufts University Hosts ‘Unpacking Whiteness’ Program, Declares the ‘Game Is Rigged’

Tennessee University Segregates Students for ‘Antiracism’ Training, Hails the Absence of White People as ‘Magical’

Mental Health Journal’s Article on ‘Parasitic Whiteness’ Laments There’s ‘Not Yet a Permanent Cure’

UC Berkeley Professor Told Students Abolishing Whiteness Means Wiping out White People

Yale Medical School Welcomes Psychiatrist Who Dreams of ‘Unloading a Revolver Into the Head of Any White Person’

Washington’s symposium clearly preferred American Indians — who are, curiously, not “indigenous” to America — to individualistic white supremacists. Hence, it began with a Land Acknowledgement heralding “the original inhabitants of the spaces we occupy.” That was followed by a “moment of silence” for “members of our Black and Asian communities, and other communities of color” who “continue to experience racism through police brutality, mass incarceration, inequitable education and health services, deportation, and other forms of subjugation.”


Sounds more like a "hate white" summit.  A 'final solution' to the "white problem"?

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1 hour ago, GLShooter said:

Conflict? Bring it.




The threats are getting old.

The problem is that they continue with their agenda while ignoring the Supreme Court with the blessing of the Biden Administration. 

It's a bit alarming. 

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