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Tuckable is definately the way to go.


Man, I am sure glad to find this post. I have been looking at Kydex trying to figure if I can make a holster for my Kahr for daily carry. They just don't make anything (that is in stock) that I like for IWB carry. With this post, I finally feel like I can give it a shot, and if I screw it up, I will only be out about $10-15. I have also been wanting to try to make a knife sheath or two...and this may help me to cut my teeth...as any minor flaws will be hidden. It just needs to be comfortable and secure.



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As promised when he gave it to me, I am going to give some early impressions of the IWB holster, and the other goodies he's made.


First, the Mark I IWB G19 holster. When I first fondled it, it seemed a very sturdily built. Bit overbuilt, compared to most commercial holsters, but then again, it was designed to completely block the gun from the sweat of the wearer. In this, it excels. The belt attachment is solid, and the tail incorporated in the design really helps to stabilize the holster, I've used it for a week, and it hasn't moved much at all. It retains the gun just enough without making it unnecessarily hard to draw. I can invert the thing with the gun in it, and shake it pretty vigorously and it won't come out, but it draws easily. Perfect amount of retention, IMHO. Downsides: I wish the belt attachment was tilted for a touch more rake. Maybe 5*. Tiny little thing really, when viewing the holster as a whole. The other, I wish the "tail" of the holster was curved a bit more. I have a rather bony hip, attached to a rather fat ass. A little more body hugging curve would eliminate the "trouser print" a bit, but even so, it's very usable. I carried it today with only my AR15Armory polo over it, and no one could tell, it didn't print enough. I even stopped by the PD, and had a conversation with my old FTO, and asked him if he'd like to see my new pistol, and he asked me if I had to go out to the car to get it. He was surprised when I lifted my shirt tail and drew the 19 for him to look at. I'll give it a score of 8.5 out of 10. I should also note, I've never, ever, found a holster that I'd rate a 10, outside of a full-custom piece that my father made for me years ago. Too many variations of body shape and personal preference to ever get to a 10 in a mass produced holster, but this one is at least as good as anything I've seen from most of the major holster manufacturers.


Now, the magazine carrier. It works, and it works surprisingly well for such a minimalist design. I was impressed how well it retained the magazine. I wouldn't go on a run with it, but for normal wear while going about one's daily business, it would work just fine.


Flashlight carrier review will have to wait. I haven't had a chance to use it much, but it looks very promising. I won't have an excuse if caught without my Streamlight Twin Task off duty again.

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Thanks for that Pepper.


Once I get my next order of kydex in I'll hafta make a custom holster for whichever piece you want - the 19, the 21, or one of the others. It can have as much tilt or curvature as you want. Can also play with the retention for more or less - tho personally I wouldn't go with less than what that particular one has right now.


Might even be able to hook you up with a mag carrier for it - and maybe a new, better light carrier (the body of the one you have now is great - I'm still not 100% happy with the belt loop, simply because of it's epoxied-on design. That's what I get for using left-overs :)

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i'm a new member here and just found this site.


here are a couple holsters i have made from Kydex. both are made with .60 Kydex and the clips made with .125


the first is a tuckable IWB for my G29 with Streamlight TLR-3. it still needs some work but it is very usable.




the second is one i just finished tonight for my Kimber Pro Carry







my advice is to make a press using 2x4's, plywood or OSB and door hinges. it really gives you good results as far as molding the kydex around the gun or whatever else your making a holster for. you can get foam from knifekits.com or just use a couple foam camping mats from wal mart cut into 12x12" pieces. the more foam you use the better the definition of your mold. i use more for the front of the holster than i do the back.

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Hi Everyone,


I just wanted to register and post a Thank-you for all the info this site/thread has on making home made kydex holsters. i could not find a good L.H. - IWB tuckable kydex holster for my S&W Model 39, after extensive reading and re-reading etc...I ordered a sheet of .080" Black Kydex and measured cut, heated etc, below is the Near-finished product...all that remains is getting the proper screws, drilling holes for them, asembly, final triming (rounding) of the barrel end (which I decided to wait on until I have the screws installed where I want them) and finish sanding (if I decide to go that far).





TUCKABLE J-HOOK MOUNT (will be installed on a canted angle as shown...I made sure to leave plenty of material on the install end to allow for that)



I will post a final pic after I get the above stuff accomplished....again thanks to everyone who provided the information...it was a great help.

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