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how to post pictures....

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i know there have been various tutorials in the past on how to post pics, but this one will be the official version for the outdoor forums. there are other ways, but this is my prefered method. you can use whatever method you prefer, but this one is the one i use as i find it the easiest. :thumb:


1. load your pictures from your camera to your computer. if in doubt, then "my documents>my pictures" is a good place to put them.


2. log on to www.photobucket.com and create a free account.


3. upload your pictures






4. when your pictures are done uploading, you will see your picture. below your pictue there will be 4 lines of computer code. copy and past the last line of code as you see circled in RED here.




5. once you copy and paste that code into a post on the forum and hit submit, your pictue will show up. :thumb:


if you have any questions or problems, pleae send me a PM and i will try to walk you through the steps to get your pics on-board. :)

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