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Hope this will be helpful: it's a review of my SBR build and contains several links to various resources and information I found useful when researching the project - from the legal issues to the build-options for how to set up my 5.56mm shorty.


SBR FUN! ----> http://www.bren-ten.com/agtman/id9.html


For example, I spent some time on the "engraving" issue. There was no one locally who did that work (or who I would trust, given the level of investment on these guns) and, by overwhelming consensus of internet feedback from SBR owners, I contacted Ryan @ Orion-Arms about engraving both the required NFA-info and a custom piece. He was great to deal with, very responsive to my questions and his pricing was reasonable, all as explained in the review.


Orion-Arms Custom Work.

zom2.jpg :oh yea:


Recent Pre-Training Pic.




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It's off subject, but I'm glad I could see some of Orions work. I've been contemplating having some work done by them, and I imagine they only show pictures of their best online.

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Just one SBR? How did you manage that? I am on 4 and counting.... The SBRD is a much more virulent form of BRD...

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