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There are NO "stupid questions." We would rather answer the same questions, than to see someone either hurt themselves damage their firearms or hurt someone else. We are rather gentle folk here.




That's what I like about some of these more exclusive forums (no selective, but specific). At AR15, if you ask a question that has likely been asked before, they will put you through the ringer. I'm not one to ask general questions, so I have never been a victim of the fury, but I have seen others. I think that is BS.

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thank you, I think i am going to buy a G20...does anyone make a concealment holster for it in left handed?


Welcome to the forum. I am new to this forum and new tho the 10mm. I have been doing research on the 10mm because I love guns and have been on a Glock kick for a while. I have all of the 9mm guns and wanted at least one that have massive power. So I turned to the G20c and I love it. But as far as holsters, I found that custom made kydex holsters are one of the best, in my opinion. They are light, open top, and form to the body which hides the bulky outline of a pistol. I also like the fact that you can get it in any color combo and have it made to accommodate accessories such as tact lights. They run for $45 to $85ish and you can find them on the web by typing G20 custom kydex in the search engine. If you are a ebayer, they have some that are already made or made to order. Good luck on finding the right holster that fits you, hope this information was a little help.

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