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Coyote Calling

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I think we can buy our 2009-2010 license after the 15th. We should be able to get our Spring turkey tags as well.

I had heard thru the grapevine that they are considering extending the hours for spring Turkey until 2:00 instead of noon. That would be freaking cool. I never understood why they only let us hunt spring birds until 12:00.

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Who understands half of the laws we have? Most make no sense. :wacko:


I hear you there! :thumb:


I am prepped and ready for some morning action. I hope to see a couple of dogs. My younger daughter may go with me and if thats the case I will not take a rifle. I will let her get some pictures for her scrapbook.

She is not against hunting at all and will eat anything I bring home she just has a soft heart and does not wish to see me shoot anything other than targets.

I'm cool with that too. I will do anything to spend time with my kids outdoors. :thumb:

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I will start off with some unfortunate pics. The short version is I punched a dog and balled him up with a .308. Damned if he did not get up and take off on three legs. I tracked him for over two hours. I have no idea how he kept going. It was obvious he was losing a lot of blood and only using three legs. Tough animals. It is nobodys fault but my own, he was further out there than I realized and I believe I hit him low. Not the gun, bullet, cartridge or anyones fault but my own. Sadly I never recovered him.





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