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New Eotech!


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Just got back from the range.....minus 100+ rounds. Eotech had said that if installed on a factory build, it should need little effort to sight in. Well, both (yep, bought two) had to be adjusted significantly while sighting for both elevation and windage. I am wondering if the handguard kicks the front up a little? It looks like it might BARELY touch the handguard, but I suppose that is all it would take. It doesn't appear to sit unevenly on the rail, so I am not sure. Regardless, I had a blast once I got it grouping pretty good. I can't wait for the 3x to show up and get that dialed in too! :thumb:

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I've zeroed and removed mine to put on another gun too much to remember how much it took to originally zero mine. You have a new one with the "notch" gone to mount over the delta ring. It looks to be mounted well. If you have it mounted tight enough to the flat top the handguard shouldn't be a problem. It shouldn't be a problem anyway.




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