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Thank You AR15ARMORY!!


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Just a quick thank you for spreading the disease to Alaska! I am happy to report, that although you infected me, you all also followed through with helping me to determine what to buy, where to buy, as well as helping with oddball questions like where to move in Oregon, accessorizing....and just about anything a guy would want to ask! I am afraid that some things are out of bounds, and I apparantly crossed that line. I apologize to those offended, as that was not my intent. After my initial whipping, it became apparent that some people were bent beyond repair, and that this site will no longer be the "refuge" from the daily grind that I enjoyed so much. I sincerely appreciate the input, laughs and serious commentary that has been available to me. And since I have no idea how to shut this topic down after posting, I ask Noneya, in all his brilliance, to lock it up. I just wanted to let you all now that this is a great forum, and I would (will) reccomend it to anyone!


Best of luck to you all,



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We can have differences of opinion, different points of view and even argue from time to time, but that should be no reason for you to leave the Armory.


We had a disagreement and tempers flared a little, but that was yesterday, and today is a new day.


No ill feelings here bro., and I hope the same goes for you too.


You should stay and participate. :thumb:


We all have bigger fish to fry.. http://www.ar15armory.com/forums/topic/52412-proposed-ban-list/




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