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ever see a pet coyote?


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once i figure this photo thing out ill put some picks on. pretty cool they had two that they raised since pups. one was shot so they painted the other blaze orange. funny it runs and plays with the other dogs eats sandwhich meat from your hand,goes in the house, but cant bark like the other dogs. it's kinda funny.it tries but just cant do it.

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it's playing with fire if'n ya ask me.





When I used to work as an officer, we got a call in the county that I assisted with (I ran the tranqulizer gun) about a dog that had been killing, yes killing cattle. Upon arrival these people had a dog that didnt look normal. Kinda looked wolfish..


Turns out it was full blood some kind of wolf. They had the papers to prove it too. Those type of animals cannot be kept as pets per city ordnace so we had to put it down. They were pissed as hell, but even more pissed when they got the bill from the guy who owned the cattle.


Not every case is like this though. Ive seen people keep alligators as pets and never have any trouble with them. Not the smartest thing, but to each there own.

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