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Randy Rayburn editorial against gun owners

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Randy Rayburn is well known in Nashville's restaurant circles and has desires to enter the political arena.


A story in Nashville Post . com from December 2008 announced that Mr. Rayburn is running for city counsel in Davidson County:



Prominent restaurateur throws chef's hat into Council race


Print By Ken Whitehouse


12-03-2008 11:35 AM —


Randy Rayburn, owner of the Midtown Cafe, Sunset Grill and Cabana restaurants tells NashvillePost.com that he will be a candidate for the District 18 Metro Council seat being vacated by Keith Durbin.


Durbin, a first-term Council member, announced Tuesday that he is resigning his seat to become Metro's new chief information officer Jan. 5. He previously served as an IT analyst at HCA.


Asked about the reasons for his candidacy, Rayburn said, "I have resided in this district for the majority of my 37 years in Nashville and have worked with Stewart Clifton and Ginger Hausser to promote smart growth development policies for Vanderbilt, Belmont and the surrounding communities. I want to give back to a community that has given me great opportunities."


Prior to entering the restaurant business, Rayburn was a longtime Democratic operative, working as a legislative aide for the Democratic caucus in the state senate and on numerous campaigns at the state, local, and federal levels.


More recently, Rayburn has served on former Mayor Bill Purcell's Music City Center Task Force and various chamber of commerce boards. He presently sits on the board of Nashville State Community College.


Other possible candidates for the seat are attorneys Allen Woods, Ross Pepper and Maria Salas. Pepper is the husband of former Metro Council member Ginger Hausser.


http://www.nashvillepost.com/news/2008/ ... uncil_race



That, in an of itself does not have a lot to do with gun owners, but his editorial comment in the Tennessean on March 4, 2009 does.


House Speaker Kent Williams and Majority Leader Jason Mumpower are pushing legislation that would allow handgun permit owners to carry their weapons into restaurants that serve alcohol. This is a recipe for tragedy.


For many years, the hospitality industry, along with all Tennessee law enforcement agencies, have helped stop this "gun-rights" issue from entering our doors in spite of threats of boycotts by supporters.


I call upon responsible legislators of both parties to defeat this bill, with or without curfews or other compromises. Do I have to frisk or ask for age and gun permit IDs in my business? I call on guns-in-restaurants supporters to allow gun-toting citizens into the Legislative Plaza and Capitol Hill. That will make horn-honking seem tame by comparison.


How are we different from parks or sporting events? If passed, it will produce tragedies that will have innocent blood on the hands of those who "green-light" this bill.


I call upon Gov. Phil Bredesen to follow the great example of Virginia Gov. Timothy Kaine in 2008, who said it would only endanger restaurant customers and employees, and declare he will veto this irresponsible legislation if it arrives on his desk.


Randy Rayburn



http://www.tennessean.com/article/20090 ... 07/OPINION


Mr. Rayburn is apparently oblivious to the law and yet he wants to be a lawmaker? Does he not realize that the change in the law that we are seeking would still allow individual restaurant owners to post their properties as gun free zones under TCA 39-17-1359? Apparently, Rayburn opposes pro-choice positions on firearms and property owners' rights. I don't think we need that type of philosophy in elected positions.



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