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My thread is a drama free zone!!!!

Oh no no. Drama can happen anywhere on the Armory. If you bring up religion, gays, military knowledge, abortion, 9mm vs .45, what range to zero an AR15 at, Coke vs Pepsi, old Coke vs new Coke, or anything else that can possibly be argued about or made an extreme issue of, some people will get sand in their panties faster than Rosie's back hair at the beach.





We can have drama ANYWHERE.

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Ahhhh bout time you chimed in here!



Sorry. I've been on an island for a couple days. Litteraly, an uninhabited island. Just sitting back enjoying some beer, fishing all day and night, getting a nice sunburn/tan, and grilling over an open fire while everyone else plays at work. It's a tough life.

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