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It's one thing to find a woman attractive. It is one thing to admire the beauty of a woman or anything for that matter. But to sit by and constantly hound a woman as a group effort to get pictures, especially asking for bikini pictures, is just disrespectful, rude and downright pathetic. It is the stuff of high school children. I understand this is the nature of man. It's just kind of disappointing that i have to be stereotyped into this category. I mean no offense to anyone. I just know i matured out of that stage in like the 10th grade. I love pictures. I am a firm believer that a picture easily speaks a thousand words. I especially love pictures of people. They can capture memories that may have otherwise been forgotten. But to beg and plead for a woman to send you bikini pictures is just childish in my book. Atleast get to know her and pm her the request..... :nt:


sorry man, that was sarcasm, my question i mean.


like thumper, i was just goofing around.


i'll stop.

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Last one....my infamous "GQ" picture that I've caught more hell for than any other photo in my life. Notice the periwinkle polo, what you can't see are the blue plaid gay golfer shorts and flip flops.


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Oh no no. Drama can happen anywhere on the Armory. If you bring up religion, gays, military knowledge, abortion, 9mm vs .45, what range to zero an AR15 at, Coke vs Pepsi, old Coke vs new Coke, or anything else that can possibly be argued about or made an extreme issue of, some people will get sand in their panties faster than Rosie's back hair at the beach.





We can have drama ANYWHERE.



Thumper, you forgot the ultimate one.... Chili with beans or without :smartass:

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