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Optic photos-different types of AR optics


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I thought it might be worth while to have a thread showing different types of optics, in case anyone new to the game wanted to compare them. Not artsy, but just a photo. I know we all have so many optics it might be a good resource. Maybe if it's a good enough thread, we could get it pinned.


Here's an Eotech 512


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Burris Fast Fire II (mini red dot) in Burris Protector mount on YHM riser.



Aimpoint Comp ML2 in LT cantilever mount;

Aimpoint 3x magnifier in Samson QF mount.



Millet 1x-4x scope in LT SPR-E mount.




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Any chance of photos through said optics?

Well ... I'm no photographer and macro photography is not my strong suit. I gave it a try though!


EoTech view w/out magnifier



EoTech and Po' Boy in tandem. Notice the light switch



Keep in mind the Po' Boy is only listed as a 2.5x magnifier.

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I love the combo because it is so versatile. Flip magnifier to side when up close and personal for fast target acquisition and flip back up when you need that little extra for the farther shot but still keeping the excellent EOTech 65 MOA ring surrounding the 1 MOA dot reticle.

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