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Optic photos-different types of AR optics


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Primary Arms http://www.primaryarms.com/main.sc M3 style 3 reticle site. Has selection between

1242745080208-1189693079.jpeg124274508043823513826.jpeg and my favorite1242745079931-1855257666.jpeg

I basically get a EOTech style reticle in a Aimpoint 2moa style sight. I know some elite frown on these "Clones" but this one is a lot better quality than the cheap stuff you find on ebay. It comes with a nice warranty and Marshal is one of the best when it comes to customer service.

Here's a few pics of mine




From marshal's website


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Curious how you like your clone.... How long have you had it, i.e., how many shoot have you fired with the unit?? Does the optics retain zero?




I actually like it a lot. So far it holds zero very well and it's been just as sturdy as any aimpoint. Would I take it on a tour through Iraq? probably not, but IMO it would do fine in a carbine course or for range use. You get a very nice red dot for the money with this sight and it comes with a limited warrenty so no worries. Marshal at Primary Arms is good people and he takes care of his customers.

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ok I'll play, first off the home rifle I went real cheapo a whole $90 for a Bushnell Banner 1-4x32 100yd fixed parallax on low rise rings


reticle pic


the rig I carried in Iraq, Z-rail mounted Aimpoint Comp-M4, yeah the Z-rail was moot since they also gave us MI quad rails but without the Z-rail the optic sat very low for irons co-witness n I wsn't about to pay for a riser for somethin that wasn't mine


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