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Masked Hamas militants


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I remember reading a recent book written by Marine Snipers in Iraq. Wearing masks may have worked in and around Israel, but the HOG’s (Hunters Of Gunmen) knew that anybody wearing such masks was a legitimate target. Wearing masks may drive courage into a gunman soul (already mortgaged to the Devil), but it just made our Jarheads task easier.


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The Islamist Hamas movement ruling the Gaza Strip warned

that the rival Fatah movement loyal to president Mahmud Abbas had crossed a 'red line' by carrying out the operation

which killed two of its members

What floors me is the number of microphones. Apparently, a lot of people think these vermin actually have a message to get out that someone wants to hear. I really do like the idea of Hamas and Fatah offing each other for a while, well OK until there is one left, sure does make it easier for us or Israel to finish them off.

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