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Need a partner for the Tiger Valley Team Sniper Match

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I'm looking for a carbine gas gun operator for a buddy of mine to go shoot a match. My friend is a bolt gun operator and he would like to enter the Tiger Valley Team Sniper Match September 19th and 20th near Waco, Tx.


Here is a link to the Tiger Valley site: http://tigervalley.com/tigerpx/index.php?m...ex&cPath=16


Please contact me if you are seriously interested in shooting this match. Tiger Valley puts on a very physical and challenging match. You will need to be able to communicate effectively, resolve tactical problems, and work as a team. You will have to hump all your gear around the course, and there will be some very physical stages, so make sure you have tested your kit in the field. Being very proficient with your rifle and pistol are imperative if you are going to place well. I recommend shooting a .40 cal or larger pistol, as some stages require that you knock the steel down. I have seen guys dump an entire mag of 9mm in the top (head) of a steel plate to no effect. Most of the shooting for the carbine operator will be between 15 and 400 yards. You may be required to spot and ID targets at long range for the sniper (bolt gun operator), so using an optic with some degree of magnification will almost be a necessity. Last year most gas gunners ran AR-15 platforms using 5.56mm. A few guys ran the new gas piston rifles, and in various calibers like the 6.5 Grendel, Creedmoore, and 6.8 SPC. My partner ran an 18” SPR rifle in 5.56. He used a ACOG 4x with the BDC reticule, and had excellent results at making hits at 400 yards and at 300 yards on movers.


You will find requirements for the match at the Tiger Valley web site or at The Sniper's Hide.com under the forums section: http://www.snipershide.com/forum/ubbthread...d=28&page=1.


My buddy is flying in from the east coast to shoot this match. He is a very good rifle and pistol shot, and typically places in the middle of the pack at matches (that's not bad considering the best shots in the U.S. normally finish in the top 25%). After you contact me I will send him your contact information and you can discuss the details of the match together. If you are interested in shooting this match, please contact me ASAP! Spots for the match are filling up, and there are only a few left. Please don't bother if you are not sure if you can do this thing. You need to be in good shape, know your rifle/pistol, have top quality gear, and have your head wired on the right way. This is a serious match, for serious prizes, shot by serious professionals!


Thanks for you time and consideration,





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