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Avoid Gun shop in Westerville!


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Well, I dont pop inot the Armory often enough. I just want to respond to the last comment and more fully explain my experiences there. The place aint the kind where you grab a cup of coffee and linger. some people dont care about that. I've never been offended by the treatment there and I have gotten some good deals there. A LNIB Browning MkIII Hi Power for under $400.00 comes to mind and that was a deal 10 years ago.


However, selling guns is a competitive market. Most shops his size will sell maybe one or two a day. I can tell you that the attitude, while not hostile, is one that does make a person feel like a stranger, not a guest.


There are shops that have opened recently that are worth the trip and while still small, get it, will tell you up front they get it and are genuinely happy to have your business.


If you havent tried the Guys at Gun Envy in Clintonville out yet. Go there and see for yourself. They essentially stole me from the Powder Room where I was am known and a card carrying life member.

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Clowns sell a young woman a used pistol as new. (then they laugh about it?)

They charge illegal sales tax.

Both act rude to customers.


If I saw ANY of this going on in a gun shop, even once, I'd be gone forever.


Due to my personality, I would have severely 'hurt-their-feelings', before leaving.


Unfortunately, this type of behavior is far too common in LGSs. I have one down the street.


Like the Bible states in Proverbs, "Never do business with a rude man." (Good wisdom, there.)


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I want to add to this as well, even though it is so old. I purposely signed up and registered here in order to just put my two cents into this because yeah, it's one of the first things that pop up when anybody searches for the gun shop and seeing how old it is and seeing the comments from people who haven't even gone in there and such makes me wonder how much business Dan's lost because of one individuals experience.


First off. Yeah. If it happened, it happened. You have the right to go wherever you want to shop, regardless. So those who don't want to shop on the basis of the OP story there. Go a head. The OP doesn't want to shop there anymore, alright.


My experiences though with this gun shop have made this gun shop the only place I want and enjoy going to in the entire place of Columbus. I have sold/bought/traded guns for a long while. (Don't let my birth year fool you if you look at my profile, I been in the ATF files and had a class 3 dealer at an early age when I was helping my dad and my uncle run their gun shop.) Been in the military, did all that jazz. I know a lot of things about guns and pulled expert badges and ranks in all weapons of the military and then became a weapons instructor for the military showing what to do and not to do and things and hoping everybody I've trained comes home alive but know it's not happened.


The ammunition at this place is rather junky, yes, especially the reloads. It is rather high priced. You can get the ammunition elsewhere at lower prices for a majority of the calibers they handle an carry. But things like that are common. But I don't go to those other places because half the time when I go in asking for a round or something they end up giving me garbage I don't want or hadn't even asked for. A friend of mine once asked for 9mm at Vance's and they came out and gave him a box of .38 FMJ and then proceeded to try and get my friend to still purchase the incorrect box of ammunition stating it would work in his 9mm. I also got escorted out one day (and never bothered to go back) when a salesman there was trying to sell an optics packet worth about $300 to a guy along with a M44 to put on the rifle telling the man the M44 had been one of the best long distance firing sniper rifles ever in World War One. First off, the rifle itself was only selling for $100 there. Why would you put an optics kit on your rifle with such a huge difference in price? Second off it was never used as a long distance (the seller was quoting the range of 800yards) sniper and especially NOT in World War One. After politely pointing that out the people of Vance's decided I needed an escort out of the building haven given the potential buyer a point of word towards not doing such a silly thing. I couldn't even picture the scope they were trying to push on the guy even being able to be mounted in any fashion the way they were saying it should be.


Some other place, I forget which now, a friend wanted to purchase a Glock and he took me along with him for I had been carrying my Gen 1 Glock 17 for years at my various armored truck jobs and security jobs for the state and wanted my knowledge just as a long time user of a Glock. So I went along with him and the person behind the counter pulled out a used Glock Gen 2 and told him it was a perfect gun except some holster wear and other things you'd expect from a police trade in. I pull the gun apart, which surprises the salesman that I knew how judging by his face, and see so many things wrong with the insides I decline the weapon and say we should be shown a couple various ones. So the guy pulls out a few new, a few used, and I go to the task of taking them apart and just inspecting them. I find the new ones are just horribly dirty on their insides and a few of the barrels had small pits where it looked like rust had somehow formed and then been cleaned off. It amazed me and I questioned on how the weapons were stored in the back before being put up into the cases and here I was asked if I wasn't going to be buying anything to stay off to the side and allow my friend to make a purchase. I never went back to that place. I know it had a range where you could rent an shoot various guns at but that's all I remember.


I digress from what I was saying though. All of my experiences with other gun shops in the area make me go and bite the bullet on the prices of ammunition just to get better service. Yes. Better service. I enjoy going there because if you walk in, expecting to be waited on then don't bother coming in. I can say that yes, Dan is a bit over bearing and crude but if you walk in without saying anything and just keeping your hands in your pocket or at your sides just poking about and it comes closer to the time to close up he's going to be a bit of a grouch. I'd be a grouch too because I disliked when people came in just window shopping.


Also the one thing that I like about Dan is that he isn't afraid to say what he wants to say. He makes it a point to say stupid things back when stupid things are asked of him. I was in there one day and a guy is looking over a rather alright looking used .45. The guy goes "Will this gun with stand putting ten thousand rounds through the barrel?" Dan looked at the gentleman and goes "Do you plan to put ten thousand rounds through the barrel?" The man goes "Well, no?" "Then who the hell cares if the gun can take it?" And took the gun back from the guy.


Another guy came in with his girlfriend, before me, both dressed in clothing that did not fit and the man pretty much had his full butt exposed and the girl looking like she got off work from the corner. The man goes "I'm looking for a 'piece'." Dan goes "I ain't got no 'pieces' here so walk on out." I had come in to sell a shotgun (which the girl was shocked and even went 'Oh he's got a gun!' when I walked in as if frightened by me having a shotgun in hand yet she had gone into a gun store.) which allowed me to witness that exchange.


I haven't had any issues with any of the guys who work there. I constantly hear about people moaning and complaining about their services and their rudeness on various web forums and things and in all honesty haven read some questions, posts, an other stuff these people who moan and complain put up on those boards; and this forum no exception, puts the average of about 60% of them are people who act like they know crap online but I bet out on a range or in person they completely suck.


Sure, even if you buy a bunch of guns from them they aren't going to just 'love you' unless you actually participate with them. I've bought several guns from them and when I've needed some cash quick Dan has even bought some of the guns back from me at the prices I have asked because I know he needs to make a resale and buying back from a customer is not what one does often. I bought a Mac 10 from them, a Vulcan, and it turned out to be a rather junkie gun. But Dan is an amazing gun smith. I took it back and told him the issues I was having with it (Which impressed them and got the remark 'Wow, we've never had anybody ever know how to diagnose their own problems and actually be right!') and the issues were fixed in just a day. Later on when I needed cash I took the gun back and I asked for a price, he of course countered with another price but twenty-five dollars less, and he bought it no questions asked no issue. I just said "I know a few of these are guns I bought from you, and I don't like going back to where I buy things, but I don't like anybody else to sell things to so how about we make a deal?" And that was that. He bought four guns off of me and I got about .75cents to the dollar of what I had paid for each. Not giving him much room for resale profit.


They can find you any gun you want, they can find you parts for guns that have been discontinued and if they can't they know how to fabric pieces that actually work, and they have no issues just ordering something for you on a website and haven it sent to their place. I have shopped online on their computer at other gun stores and things. I've done personal dealings with them on their own guns, and they've even bought me some guns I've requested through them at other gun stores and private auctions they go too THINKING about me.


I mean. Who can really say that? They bought a gorgeous .303 first issue rifle from a private gun sale and contacted me right away about it for I had mentioned once I had always wanted one of the first sorts of .303 rifles that had been made for military use and here they found one, bought it, and gave me a no profit price where they didn't make a dime off of it. They didn't even know if I truly was going to buy the thing from them when they had bought it.


But. I don't know. I guess I've never had any issues with them because I go in, I prowl around a bit. But I always know what I want. I buy it, I chat a bit. Then I'm gone. They know me by name and they always greet me with friendly smiles and things and we banter back an forth. Rude, crude, and horrible things are said in fun. I haven't gone back in a few months because I am saving money right now for things and can't be buying guns when I don't need them for now. For I always buy something when I go in. They know my tastes for old crummy looking ugly cheap guns and they always pull something out that is the pit of dis-pare ugly from under a counter or from the back to show me and I end up buying it to clean it up and tinker with. But I get text messages from time to time about something they think I may like or just messages asking how I am and how I been since I haven't gone in for a while.


When I sold the guns back and all Dan goes "Now don't forget to come back here when you need to do some replenishing." And I said "Oh don't worry about that. I'm just saving up right now due to the job is a bit rocky and if I get past this rocky spot I'm coming back and going to be buying something heavy."


Every other place I've gone too I got to deal with hood rats, ghetto slobs, window shoppers who know nothing about the gun they are looking at and asking a hundred questions showing they have no right to own the gun, waiting in line to end up getting service from a person who seems to pull their knowledge from a video game, and other junk.


I've thrown some screwball questions at the guys at Aumiller's and they answer the question if they know the answer and if they don't know the question they don't make up some BS reply but actually go to their computer and look the information up in their saved manuals or through their suppliers. I've gotten horrible answers from other gun shops and stores in and around Columbus which makes Aumiller's my top choice.


In the OP situation. Going in and asking for the stuff first and right off the bat would have gotten the questions answered. And if needed the door would have been closed an the shop locked up but re opened to be let out when needed. I use to do security for stores a long time ago and coming in just before closing, even 40minutes, but doing nothing but slowly going about and things. Drives people up the wall.


Use to drive me up the wall when I ran my shop. Go in, be polite, say hello. Ask the questions say what guns you are looking for at the start. They'll be polite and good and answer your questions if you go and do it showing you want to do business. If you go in and just seem to be window shopping an not questioning things right off the bat then you aren't a business prospect and then waiting about to say or ask is just bothersome and shall get you bothersome replies and snide comments.


I recommend the Aumiller's gun shop over anybody else in the Columbus area.

No an expert, but if you're going to defend someone, its probably not best to belittle an entire group of people. Really, asking "a hundred questions" means people shouldn't own firearms? Window shopping is apparently bad now too? I window shop all the time. And seeing as there are large amounts of first time gun owners coming into the fold, there are going to be a lot of questions. Treating them like shat doesn't help the gun community's image at all.

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You know, I kinda breezed through that long post but Valkyrie's quote got me to go back and re-read. Tibe19k, I'm not sure why a gun store would let you have several guns and start stripping them. Especially new ones. They dont know you from jack and they cant sell a new gun you scratched all to hell and back. Sure, those may have been Glocks but policy is policy and I shudder to think about the fool who decided to put an idiot mark on a new 1911. "Cuz he's uh expurt"


finally: "Use to drive me up the wall when I ran my shop." Speaks volumes to me. Hard to take a critique of a business model from a guy who had a failed business model.


In short, I call bullshat.

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I've said this once and will continue to say it. If you live near Franklin ohio, for those who don't know where it is, it is located south of dayton and north of Middletown ohio. In this small little town there is a gun shop. In this little store you will find one of the nicest gentleman and a little old lady working there. You won't be able to find nicer people to stop and talk to. I have many good memories of just stopping in and talking to Jesse, and his aunt Anne. I met some great people while in the gun shop, I would stop in on Fridays and just hang out with them. He will sell any gun at 25 over wholesale price, shopping there will make it hard to shop anywhere else. If any of you want more info send me a pm.


Just to throw this out there, no its not my shop and I'm not Jesse. lol

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I like how the two posts defending this shop signed up and have only made one post each. Guess we should take their opinions seriously... not. Probably the owner or his friend posting to fix their reputation.

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Um, what a bump. And re-bump. Made up a word. If I'm ever in that part of the country, I won't buy from them. I'm surprised they are still in business. Original post May 2006. The word must not have gotten out about the rotten service.

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I wanted to let you guys know there has been an ownership change at the Aumiller Gunshop. I purchased the shop from its previous owner September 1st 2013. We run into our fair share of comments like the ones above and want to assure you we run things differently. We strive to provide excellent customer service, plain and simple. We have an all new, extremely knowledgeable staff. I encourage anyone interested to come in and check us out. We do whatever we can to make your experience a positive one. Make sure to check out some of our other reviews online since the transition last September, or check us out on facebook, to get a better idea of how we are running things. If you ever have any problems or issues with our customer service please don't hesitate to post it here or anywhere else. I definitely want to know about it, because i'm the one who can do something about it.



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