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When did FAT become sexy?


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I used to shave my head, but my motives were certainly different...................


last time I saw you you were not shaved. But you had a nice hair cut.


PS Carmen, the guys are right, I've seen some pics you posted and you're not fat. If you have some places that are chunkier than you'd like then that's a different story.



yeah different story. I'll gain at least 100 lbs then we can retalk again.

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I agree, I like curves on a woman, but I dont understand fat people.


Just eat less and walk more lard asses :smartass:



Walking is a great way to spend time with the family and burn calories. Usualy this time of year we walk in the mornings before the kids go to school and my wife and I walk after we get the kitchen cleaned up after dinner.


Curves are nice in the right place. :thumb:

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