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When did FAT become sexy?


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Me too. I polished off a couple of tacos while reading and posting. MMMMMMM.......Tacos

I just had a little cheese and crackers for breakfast (yes it's 1:36 here in the afternoon)


I'm am SO having tacos for dinner now! Stop making me so hungry!!!

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First I have to say that I do not intend on offending anyone with this thread in any way shape or form this is just a subject that I have been thinking about lately. I do not feel that I am better then anybody else because I try to keep fit this is just something I have been wondering about.




Again I mean no offense to anyone.


See what you started ? If you were politically correct, you would say:




But, then if you were politically correct, you wouldn't be on this forum. :nt:

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[b]Wow, sounds like a red herring to me. I saw plenty of fat people when growing up when Reagan, Bush I, and Bush II were in office.[/b]


i did as well. there is many more today due to population and the all embraceable love of the left.


Problem became inappropriate tagging, boys gropping girls. Blame the media I guess


that right there is finger pointing. i used to play with boys when i was a kid, not girls. a liberal might say such nonsense.



Standardized tests and funding. Teachers are too worried making sure that a child is not left behind.


i'm sorry if you truly believe that.





sorry for you again.



Ever have to stab a child with an epi-pen because they couldn't breathe? I have. Twice. It's not fun.


bee stings only. but i don't blame the bee.


I don't like the fatty situation in America either. Parents need to instil a healthy life style early to their children. Limit sedentary activities like TV, video games, computer time (if they are reading actual books let em read). Teach and practice good nutririon. Limit fast food. Encourage sports and competition.


how many kids are outside playing during summer break now as opposed to just 10 years ago. you want fat you ain't seen nothing yet.


I get what you're saying J-dub but you seem to be pointing fingers just to point finger. I don't wanna pay for a tub of goo either. Or drunks, drug addicts, or smokers for that matter.

i doubt there is a great many people left who truly get it.

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General tastes in appearance vary throughout time. Look at what was considered beautiful back in the 60's. They are now called full figured. Broad in the hip, large bustline but nothing "hanging over". Then, there was Twiggy. When she came along it suddenly became sexy to be a flat chested rail or for a woman to look like a 12 year old boy. After a while, a bit of a rebellion occurred because Twiggy thin was practically unachievable. Then, things went to the extreme where rolls and jiggle have become either popular or entirely overlooked. However, I look back at DaVinci sculptures and paintings of that era and I see some big butt very rotund women with no bust. Tastes change. But mine remains constant. I prefer the late 60's look before twiggy.


I know about the scantily clad images block, but I don't believe this will violate it. Everything necessary is covered and there is no midriff showing either. This, to me is a beautiful body. We all know who she is.....


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.I know about the scantily clad images block, but I don't believe this will violate it. Everything necessary is covered and there is no midriff showing either. This, to me is a beautiful body. We all know who she is.....


gidget :laugh:


i admit that in some cases eating is a disorder of sorts, a compulsion, a crutch, it potentially has many names. but i fail to see how it should effect me, unless i so choose.


up here we have fatties eating at, all you can eat buffets, getting obese, asking for knee or hip replacement with outstretched pudgy mitts. they also ask for lipitor and any other med that will allow them to survive while eating what ever they want, heck they ain't footing the bill so why not right, they are entitled to do as they wish, as am i, but i don't wish to pay for this irresponsible BS.


a certain amount of fat is needed, i could use a little more myself but when you have junk not jam, its time to back off a little. fat cells are collectors and often the collect bad things, now imagine those bad things having their way in your fat cells for years. it turns to a toxic dumping ground and leads to many diseases imo.


you are free to eat yourself to death, but i am just as free to say no, you are on your own medically.


socialized medicine folks, coming because FREEDOM is not understood nor taught any more.



it scares sheep to be made to take care of themselves and be responsible for themselves.

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