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knob creek pics

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I wish i could have made it........... :-(


It was wet, cold and made me very tired.


Thanks CD and congrats on your new gun :thumb: Did you get to enjoy the show or was you working all the time ? I would have loved to been there, im sure it would have been big fun.


No problem I have more but I have to wait to post them.


i don't see any pics of you. :CONFUS12:


How would you see pics of me. I was in the back of the booth the whole time.


Wow-y! Even fireworks. Glad you got you pick up your new gun! (BnG)


yeah fireworks flame's car blowing up. it was great

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It looks like the the rain didn't hold back too much on raining lead. Better weather would have been nicer.


the only did one night show which was saturday due to the rain but that made the best night show yet!!!


Wow, no wonder you were so busy and worn out. Maybe next year I can make it down since my plan this time went down the toilet :bill:



it was worst then that out booth was packed with people. Let me tell ya farts stay in one spot for a long time!!

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Great pics. I was there Friday and enjoyed the rain, shot the assault rifle match and had fun being one of the people stuck in the mud! Thanks to the great guys working security that helped me out of the muck! I'm hoping that the next one will be dry and that I have a little more money to spend. I also hope that next time around I can stay for the night shoot, that is the best part of the whole show.


I did pick up some more Mag Pul PMAGs and got some more small parts, B-day present to myself. All and all still a fun time.


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