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Magpul Dynamics

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Course flier has all pertinent info for your agency.


This class is LE only. Please call Jill 1.877.4 MAGPUL to register. You may be required to verify status at time of registration.


Date: 5-6-7 JAN 2010

Place: Livingston Parish Sheriff's Office. 15 Mins from Baton Rouge, LA


Hyper Violent Weapon Manipulation (HVWM)


Law Enforcement only


Course Description

An advanced LEO course that equips students to successfully negotiate any active shooter situation and provide a template for training sustainment. Students will be driven to improve their shooting abilities, master their equipment and communicate with team mates in live fire training environments.


Topics covered in depth include:


* Carbine fundamentals and BZO

* Rapid threat analysis and acquisition in active shooter situations

* Balancing speed and precision

* Discussion of terminal ballistics and how it relates to shooting abilities during critical stress

* Shooting on the move

* Multiple target engagement

* Strong and reaction side shooting

* Weapon malfunctions

* Transitions to secondary weapon system

* Natural and improvised shooting positions

* Barricade and obstacle shooting

* Shooting from vehicles (vehicle response to engagement with an active shooter)

* Concealed shooting (off duty response to active shooter scenario)

* Low light shooting techniques and using light to your advantage

* Individual + team confidence enhancement shooting drills

* Individual + team shooting and cover techniques in active shooter situations

* Psychological + mindset training for the active shoot responder




* Issued duty weapon (carbine, sub-machine gun or handgun)

Both primary and secondary weapon systems are recommended, conditional to an officer's weapon certification and department/agency policies.

* Cleaning kit and tools compatible with the weapon system(s)

* 5 working magazines (minimum)

* Note pad and pen/pencil

* Clothing suited to strenuous type activity (seasonally appropriate or duty wear)

* Appropriate foot wear

* Ear pro (electronic preferred)

* Eye pro (wrap around)

* Clear lenses for night shoots

* Baseball style hat recommended

* Primary weapon sling, single point, or a good system that allows flexibility for transitions and reaction side weapon manipulations

* Duty belt/DA kit that supports 4 primary magazines(minimum) on your person

* Primary weapon mounted light

* Secondary weapon mounted or handheld light

* Spare bulbs and batteries for all lights

* Weapons lube

* Adjustment tools and spare batteries for optics

* Hydration device

* Knee and elbow pads (optional)

* Gloves (optional)

* An open mind












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