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Has anyone tried that ambi charging handle latch. Really thinking about getting one. But how do you install it?



The Phase 5 latch?

Just drive out the roll pin and replace your CH latch with the phase 5 latch, I really like and plan on owning more.

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Let's put a list together on items to make our Standard AR15 Rifles easier for us to use.


1. Ambi Safety Selector



2. Bolt and Carrier Ambi EBRv2 Release



3. Ambi Charging Handle Latch



4. Gear Sector SPRE-L: Left Handed - Blackout



5. Gear Sector Single Point Asp Sling



6. Midwest Industries Ambi Sling Mounts




:thumb: This is great, can you put this under important topics in the south paw forum for easy future reference?

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Does the Bolt and Carrier Ambi EBRv2 Release really make much of a difference for a lefty? One of my buddies has the Magpul B.A.D. lever on his AR and after playing with it, I didn't like it at all. Maybe it just takes some getting used to. Sometimes being a lefty is a drag. BUT, at least were in our right minds.........

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