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I posted (probably wrong) to another area and got not replies, so I thought I'd try here


I'm New to this forum and new to the 10MM, but I'm already hooked on the site! Sooooo much great information! and I love the caliber and my new gun.


I recently purchased (and customized) a G29 with a polished the barrel and ramps, a SS guide rod, 3.5# connector, finger extensions on 3 high capacity mags, grip extension on one G20 Hi-Cap mag, Crimson Trace and night sights, carry in a IWB leather holster.


Here's the question;

I'm hooked on the 10mm thumb.gif and now I want the long-slide con-version from LWD (G20?21).


I'm wondering about picking up a G21 and then adding the new Long Slide conversion, components and barrel from LWD to convert it to 10mm.


I also have a G30 (that I used as my EDC before getting my G29), I'm thinking (I know dangerous :) that if I picked up the G21 vs a G20, I would still have it available in 45ACP (by switching slides and barrel, to compliment my G30 when and IF the need arises.


I'm also considering (eventually) to add the LWD barrels in the .357Sig and/or 9x25 and the .40SW for both the G29 and the Long Slide conversion.


I noticed that one member did this and as I have to get one or the other G20?21 I wondered if any of you had any thoughts or advice?





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READ IT, Thanks!! :thumb:

Possibly dealing on a G21 now (possible trade)

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Welcome SillyRabit!

I second your getting a g21 but if you want to convert to 10mm w/it, get an lwd g20 slide.

I'm having fits trying to get mine to load the first round from the mag! I already have an lwd longslide so I'm pretty much stuck as to making this work.

I'll post if I'm successful!

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