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Best Home Defense Ammo for AK47


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The best round for an AK-47 (or any variant therof) would be 123-grain JHP with as light of a jacket as can be found. the velocity of this cartridge will be sufficient for violent expansion, and the shallower this particular load/bullet penetrates, the better. I OWN An MAK-91. Were I to take it into a CQB situation, this is the load I would prefer using.



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I'm not at all sure this would be the best choice, but for my AK against soft targets, maybe even indoors I bought a case of Wolf 154Gr soft points. I'm figuring these heavy, slow, hopefully expanding bullets would be a good choice for knockdown.



And of course they're cheap, which is a plus. :nt:

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any type of rounds can kill a person at close range. If you want to save money just get standar rounds.


1/ yell at the attacker and aim your weapon at him.

2/ if he is going for it. aim down to his legs, stomach or nuts ( for inside the house )

3/ call 911 lol at the same time guard your perimeter if there are another attacker.

that is my advice.




yeah right... now here's my advice


1 aim for the center of the lump on top of his neck


2 squeeze the trigger


3 yell stop or I'll shoot


4 check for movement or signs of life


5 if number 4 is confirmed repeat number 1

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as the title says, what is the best type or brand for home defense. I won't kid myself, I know a round will go through plenty of walls.


So much fail.....


Ummmm it's a AK47 ...not a pistol....


Think any of the Americans shot with AK's over the years wondered what kind of ammo they were shot by...or what is the best for killing gooks....


Or if the GI's using them overseas now really care what brand/style of ammo it is...


It's a flipping AK, get some ammo load it up, shoot it for function testing and accuracy and call it good...scheesh....it's not like it's a 40 cal short and weak pistol round..... :doh: :doh: :doh:

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